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Industrial Paint Removal

Automotive Industry takes advantage of new methods to clean their paint line

Effective Methods for Industrial Paint Removal

Industrial Paint Removal

While there are a number of ways to keep paint line components clean, Metal Cleaning Systems has developed the most effective / cost-effective process and has become the standard for Industrial Paint Removal.


Paint Cleaning:

Most finishers have experienced one major problem with finishing systems—keeping the following items clean;

      • Paint Racks
      • Fixtures
      • Hooks
      • Load bars
      • Grating
      • Assist Devices
      • Elpo
      • Paint Carriers

While other Industrial Cleaners ONLY clean major contact points, MCS does a very thorough  cleaning to make sure parts are free of all materials bonded to it.

Grounding and transfer efficiency of the line is maintained when finishers can keep the racks, hooks and fixtures free from coatings. Overspray contamination and safety are just a few reasons finishers should be concerned about maintaining clean components of a system. But how should these parts be cleaned? Chemicals? Sand blasting? Mechanical stripping? Fluidized bed? Baking Soda? Cryogenics? All of these methods have major drawbacks, ranging from intense labor costs, high energy costs and damage and degradation of parts to expensive waste disposal.



While there are a number of ways to keep paint line components clean, our method has become a standard due to the ability to clean many parts at once with no pollution or hazardous waste. Other advantages are: energy efficiency, and quick turnaround. Metal Cleaning Systems provides an efficient method for cleaning many different sizes of parts as well as sensitive reject parts such as aluminum and thin sheet steel.

Need Powder Coat removal as well?


Paint Cleaning Paint Cleaning





Metal Cleaning Systems is DEDICATED to finding new and better alternatives for removing bonded materials from metal. As our R&D Department develops new processes we work closely with our customers to ensure they fit into their organizational needs.

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